Boosting Confidence in On-Camera Interviews

Conducting interviews is an art that requires finesse and skill, particularly when your interviewees are nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera. As a videographer or interviewer, it is essential to ensure that your interviewees feel at ease and confident so that they can deliver their best performance. In this article, we will delve into eight tips to help you create a comfortable environment and boost the confidence of your interviewees on camera.

Establish a connection

To begin with, you need to establish a connection with your interviewee. Building rapport through small talk will help them relax and feel more at ease. Starting with pleasantries can be an effective way to break the ice and establish a connection. Showing genuine interest in their background and experiences will further strengthen the connection, ultimately leading to a more productive interview.

Explain what you are doing

Once you have established a connection with your interviewee, take a few minutes to explain the interview process. It is essential to let them know what to expect and the types of questions you will be asking. You can also inform them of the expected duration of the interview, whether there is anything specific they need to prepare for, or if there are any props they need to bring.

Create a comfortable environment

Creating a comfortable environment is crucial to making your interviewee feel at ease. Ensure they are seated comfortably with good posture, access to water or other beverages, and adjust the temperature in the room to their liking.

Maintain eye contact

Using eye contact during the interview is an effective way to create a connection and show your interviewee that you are listening. Maintaining eye contact can also help build trust, which is essential in boosting the confidence of your interviewee.

Encourage them to speak at their own pace

Encouraging your interviewee to speak freely is another critical aspect of conducting a successful interview. Remind them that it’s okay to pause and think before answering questions, and allow them to express their opinions without fear of being judged. Avoid interrupting them and give them ample time to finish their thoughts.

Provide positive feedback

Providing positive feedback throughout the interview is another effective technique to boost the confidence of your interviewee. Praising them for their insights, ideas, or contributions to the discussion will help them feel valued and appreciated.

Ask open-ended questions

Asking open-ended questions can lead to more in-depth and thoughtful responses, making your interview more engaging and dynamic. Instead of simply asking yes or no questions, encourage your interviewee to elaborate and share their experiences and perspectives.

Review the results

Lastly, reviewing the interview with your interviewee can help build their confidence and provide them with valuable feedback. Offering constructive criticism, highlighting their strengths, and discussing areas for improvement can help them feel more confident and better prepared for future interviews.

In conclusion, conducting interviews can be challenging, but by implementing these tips, you can create a comfortable environment and boost the confidence of your interviewees. Using sentence complexity and burstiness throughout the interview can further enhance the overall experience, making it more engaging and dynamic. By establishing a connection, explaining the process, creating a comfortable environment, using eye contact, encouraging your interviewee to speak freely, providing positive feedback, asking open-ended questions, and reviewing the interview, you will be well on your way to conducting successful interviews.

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