Facilities and Events

We work with facility and event staff to provide an enriching experience for residents.

Share Their Story

Family History

Let residents share the history of their family with the younger generations.

The Way Things Were

Sometimes, just a simple story of day to day life captures the most interesting story. Stories such as these help connect generations in unique ways and provide a great reference for how similar our lives can be. 

Life Advice

Residents have lived a lifetime and have plenty of advice to pass on. Sometimes a piece of advice from a grandparent provides an answer to present day struggles.

Military History

Capturing the stories of Veterans provides advice and background to those who are a part of our armed forces today.

Formative Years

Residents talking about their childhood provides perspective and connection to grandchildren and the generations after.

What to Expect


Choosing a Location

History Capture videographers will arrive to your facility for the event. No need to transport residents to outside locations. 


The Days Before

In the days leading up to the event, facility staff should schedule residents for their video timeslots. Timeslot spacing and duration is decided by the style of video package selected.  Documentation providing helpful advice and reminders for residents along with instructions for staff will be provided in preparation for the interviews.


Breakfast and Briefing

The morning of the event current and future participants will be briefed on what to expect when it’s their turn. They will also be provided with light instruction on how to help their experience go smoothly as most people have never been on camera this way before.


Makeup, Hair, and Wardrobe

In order to provide the highest quality video it is recommended that beauty staff be available on the day of the event to help residents look their best. If the facility does not have staff to provide beauty assistance can be included in the video package.


Interviews Start

Once the first resident is done working with the beauty staff and prepared to go on camera the interviews will start.  

Open Your Facility 

Bring in the Community

Invite future residents to sign up for recording days. Allowing them to be apart of the event opens the door to facility tours  while they wait their turn. 

Share Residents’ Experiences

Take time to gather valuable commentary from residents. Your marketing team will appreciate having professional interviews with questions you create.

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