Some of life’s most precious moments get lost over time simply because there was not a way to save them. History Capture was created to preserve the stories of our loved ones long after they are gone.

Helping Record Your Life

Capture your passions

Stories are a priceless family heirloom that become lost and forgotten over the years. It is important to not take for granted the ability to capture those stories.

Share your memories

Take time with your family to pass on memories and events. Your unique memories are valuble to those around you.

Tell your story

Your past was important in shaping your family’s future. Taking the time to discuss and record milestones that shaped you will help pass on what you’ve learned to family members that are not even born yet.

Stories Captured

Start Capturing Your Story Today

Capture History

Perfect for 1 or 2 individuals
  • A 30min interview recording
  • At a location of your choosing
  • The footage is provided unedited in its entirety
  • New location for each individual
  • Key stories are highlighted with editing
  • Coaching and preparation before filming
  • *Prices and terms apply individually to each person